2012 VACX BAR Results for RVR

The season is done and the results are in. In our first season RVR has managed to grab 3rd place in the VACX BAR. Not too shabby guys.

We also have several guys finishing in the Top 10 of their respective categories:


Men’s 4
3rd Place Brad Gresham
9th Place Chris Adams This is official, but I think the results were
messed up and he should have finished 6th.
Master 45+
9th Place Jason Lloyd
2nd Place Eric Crandell
4th Place Kevin Horvath
Juniors 10-14
2nd Place James Lloyd
5th Place Casey Fulton
7th Place Quin Gresham
Juniors 15-18
2nd Place Chris Lloyd
4th Place Thomas Carey

Congratulations everyone on a great showing.

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