Publishing from your iPhone – you can do it

Sadly, we haven’t had enough publishing on our beautiful team website. If we want to keep it looking 48% better, we need more content. Just got to the App Store, or whatever lame copy that android users go to (Editor’s Note: We Android users can view our app store on a computer without having to install any special software here), and download the WordPress publishing app and you too can quickly post right from your phone.

You can even add pictures just by clicking the picture icon at the bottom of the screen. Now get out there and win some races and then brag about it to the world on our site. Our sponsors will love it!

Some housekeeping and updates…

As Eric said, we’re growing. There’s been a big addition to the roster page, with bios and pictures coming in the next few days.

Be on the lookout for some new features in the coming days and weeks.

RVR logo stuff coming…

As one to never sit on my hands while a perfectly good vectorized logo burns away on my desktop, I have placed the initial order for RVR die-cut decals. There are 3 sizes: small (for bike top-tubes), medium (wherever), and large (you aren’t cool enough for the big one). Anyway, the prices will be $3, 4, and 5 respectively. The intial order was smaller as I wasn’t really sure how many folks would be interested in plastering up their bikes, cars, etc….but if you’re like Jason and I (already ordering magnets, banners, etc) then you’ll be down. Again – first order was small, so limit what you request so everyone has the opportunity to get something. I’ll holler when available.

Also – I want to do team t-shirts. Brad and I have a prototype that I did on a whim with a low quality image, and they came out surprisingly well….and FAST. Now that I have vectorized versions of the RVR and FFC (all blue) logo, I’m going to design them into a black tee. I’ll need some Paypal action up front for this, but I anticipate about $20 per depending on quantity. Also have a thought on podium caps from the same place. More to follow…..