Rogue Velo Racing Announces New Partnership

Well, unless you’ve been under an extremely large rock, in a cave, on another planet, you know that Rogue Velo Racing has just recently gone through some changes.  Biggest of all, is our new partnership with East Coast Bicycles of Norfolk, VA (Nawfick if Jen is telling it).  That said, we are super excited to have our good friend Mike Shipp and crew on board and are looking forward to some good fun together.  For example, we had our first CX practice of the season last night, and Mike rolls up on a Trek fatbike (and killed it around the CX course in case you missed it).  Yeah, he’s definitely one of us.

So with East Coast Bicycles comes the Goliath of cycling – Trek and their partner brand Bontrager.  I’ll admit – I was not all that familiar with the Trek line prior to this move, but as I did my research I realized that Trek is what they always have been: the leader in cycling design and performance.  With our partnership comes an amazing deal offered to us by Trek which they call “The Trek Great Athlete Program”.  Fantastic discounts on bikes and gear and an opportunity for us to really support a brand that cares about the future of this sport – while they gladly support us.  Win/win I’d say.  So when you’re ready to pull the trigger on your next CX rig, or are now in the position to finally throw a leg over a hot new Madone road bike, make sure you stop in and see Mike and crew at East Coast Bicycles.  We already have a bunch of great ideas for things coming in the near future – stay tuned!

Finally, I would encourage each and every one of you to drop a line or stop in and say thanks to Walt and Robert at Fat Frogs for their tremendous support over the last few years.  Without them, Rogue Velo Racing would have really struggled to get up and running.  Best of luck now and in the future to Walt and his crew.  Always class acts, and excellent ambassadors for cycling in our community.

Anyway, see you guys on the road and most definitely in the gravel!


East Coast Bicyclestrek_logo_horizontal_red_black


Like a glove

So how is it that after all of these years I finally convinced myself that a bike fit would make sense? Trust me – if you’ve ever considered having it done, think no more – Walt Gonzales at Fat Frogs Chesapeake is the jedi master of bike fitting and put me into a position that’s more comfortable and effective than I thought possible. Not only does he analyze every position and movement, but does the fitting with the aid of a Computrainer so that you can actually see the power numbers that are a result of the changes. Once again, our amazing bike shop sponsor proves they have no equal. Thanks Walt!

Need some new specs?

In addition to our amazing bike shop sponsor in Fat Frogs Racing Chesapeake, we’ve added Spy Optics as an eyewear/apparel sponsor for 2013. Head on over to and check out some of the sickest eyewear available. 50% discount on anything they carry for all Rogue Velo team members.