Publishing from your iPhone – you can do it

Sadly, we haven’t had enough publishing on our beautiful team website. If we want to keep it looking 48% better, we need more content. Just got to the App Store, or whatever lame copy that android users go to (Editor’s Note: We Android users can view our app store on a computer without having to install any special software here), and download the WordPress publishing app and you too can quickly post right from your phone.

You can even add pictures just by clicking the picture icon at the bottom of the screen. Now get out there and win some races and then brag about it to the world on our site. Our sponsors will love it!

Kit Stuff, Arrival Dates, and Dues Info

I decided to start using the website a little more as the Google Group emails can get a little thick, and I didn’t want anyone not seeing important info. Plus, I’m a poor man’s Novelist, so you’d probably stop reading about halfway down.

First, the RVR t-shirt order will be at my house next Tuesday the 18th. Maybe I’ll hook a trailer to the SSCX and make house calls. But I’ll need at least one beer per stop…which means after a few houses, I’d likely just quit and forget what I was doing. So, we’ll figure it out.

The 2013 kit RE-ORDER (the one we just did for bibs/jerseys) is scheduled to arrive sometime around August 5th….in plenty of time to make sure everyone is 48% better looking prior to Devil’s Backbone on the 25th of August. That said, I would really encourage you to consider this event as this has become somewhat of a massive team ride that we’ve always been extremely well represented at. We typically ride it together and have a really good time (and even stayed dry once). If you don’t yet have a CX rig or need some advice on what to run, some of us know this thing inside and out at this point and would be happy to assist. I’d also really like to get a good team picture here, so if there’s anyway you can make it, let’s start talking this up. If we can get a giant crew to go, maybe we can try to find a house to rent or some such. We’ll discuss this more as it gets closer.

Along the same lines, Hilly Billy Roubaix is taking place on the 22nd of this month in Morgantown, WV and there are at least 5 of us going right now. This event is much like Devil’s Backbone with the exception of the fact that the roads are horrible and the climbing is shorter but typically steeper. Think Kabul on a CX bike. Hard event, but a lot of fun. We have a number of rooms reserved already, so if you want to jump in, let me know soon.

Next – dues. We’ve been talking about this for a while, and some of you have been asking how to submit these. I set up a team PayPal account where these can be submitted. We’ll use these funds for USA and VA Cycling fees, as well as other things that come up throughout the year – we’ll always keep the accounting transparent so that everyone can see how the money is used. I am going to put together a spreadsheet here shortly, and will likely post it somewhere within our Google group so everyone can see it. In addition, if anyone happens to lock down any financial sponsorship dollars, we’ll put that there as well. Yearly dues will be $30. I’m not going to deadline it or anything right now as I know that everyone has had to turn their pockets inside out for kit money. Just try to get it in when you can.

The PayPal address will be sent to you via our Google Group as this site is public (don’t want it out there for everyone to see).

Please note: If you Paypal the account using a CREDIT CARD, you have to add the fee. I got popped on a few of them for the t-shirt order because the amount you sent isn’t the amount I received. If you aren’t sure how this works, read about PayPal fees here:

Lastly, I know everyone is waiting patiently for the kit order. Their target is still the 17th, so until we’re over I can’t really make too much noise. As soon as I hear anything at all, I’ll let everyone know.



CX practice – it’s time….

Next Sunday, 12 August at 4:00pm – Bennett’s Creek Park. Google Bennett’s Creek Park for directions…..but if you’re coming from Chesapeake, it’s going to be the James River Bridge exit off of 664 N. Super easy to find.

Jason has the practice barriers built, and I’ll have cones. We’ll practice dismounts, mounts, starts, and we’ll throw together some hot laps on the pseudo-course I have designed out there. Great place to practice, tons of room, and of course I’ll have a cooler for after….

Will likely make this a standing day/time until CX season kicks off so get yo’self ready!

See you there!