Charm City Cyclocross Results

Some of the guys were up at Charm City Cross 9/22 and 23. Their results were:

Day 1:

Place Rider Notes
U19 Men
6 Chris Lloyd
11 James Lloyd
Masters Men 35+
45 Kevin Horvath
60 Eric Crandell
66 Jason Lloyd
Men 2/3/4
DNF Eric Crandell
Men 4
35 Brad Gresham
98 Ken Sumrell

Day 2:

Place Rider Notes
U19 Men
7 Chris Lloyd
12 James Lloyd
Masters Men 35+
59 Eric Crandell
DQ Kevin Horvath Beer is not a crime!
Masters Men 45+
33 Jason Lloyd
Men 2/3/4
82 Jason Lloyd
102 Chris Lloyd
114 Eric Crandell
Men 4
47 Brad Gresham
67 Ken Sumrell

Results from Tacchino Cross 2012!

I’m a week behind posting full results from Tacchino.

Full results are:


Place Name
Junior 15-18 Open
4 Chris Lloyd
8 Duncan Gresham
Junior 10-14 Open
18 James Lloyd
Masters 35+/45+ 3/4
56 Jason Lloyd
Men 3/4
33 Eric Crandell
77 Chris Lloyd
Men 4
34 Brad Gresham
Single Speed
12 Kevin Horvath
16 Eric Crandell

Great showing everyone!

Tacchino Cross 2012!

Congratulations to all for the great showing at Tacchino!

Kevin and Eric dominated in the SS. Chris Lloydgot the first RVR podium with a forth place finish in a competitive 15-18 field. Duncan and Quinn had awesome first time outings, and James grabbed a top 20 in the 10-14 category. Brad had an awesome outing in his his first race with the Cat 4s.

Roll #RVR!

Results from The Chesapeake Criterium – Age Graded VA State Championships

Another state championship race, and we have another state championship medal winner in our midst. Congratulations to Jason Lloyd for taking home the Bronze in the 45-49 age group!

All RVR results from the day’s events:


Place Name Notes
40+/45+ Masters
4 Jason Lloyd Bronze medal, 45-49 Age group!
Kevin Horvath He was softening up the group for Jason.
13 Ken Sumrell
2 Tony Campos Missed it by half a wheel.
6 Andy McKay
9 Chris Lloyd That’s right, he beat his old man.
12 Jason Lloyd In case you didn’t read the note above, go read it now.
Junior Men
6 Chris Lloyd 2nd in the 13-14 age group.
11 Casey Fulton 4th in the 10-12 age group.
12 James Lloyd 5th in the 10-12 age group.
16 Thomas Carey 4th in the 13-14 age group.

Congratulations everyone.