RVR Beer of the Moment – Otter Creek/Lawson’s Finest Liquids Double Dose Double IPA

Otter Creek/Lawson’s Finest Liquids Double Dose Double IPA

Bottle: 12 oz, ABV: 8.5%, Serving Temperature: 50° F, Glass Type: Snifter, Enjoyed on 10-12-13

photo-1Interlude: Vermont is a beautiful state and it makes beautiful beer.  This IPA is a collaboration between 2 vermont based breweries, Otter Creek and Lawson’s Finest Liquids.  I would love to make the pilgrimage to this state, to ride its vast dirt and gravel roads that roll and ramble over hills and creeks and to visit some of the countries best breweries.  Clear your calendars for next summer.

Appearance: Brilliant orange color, very effervescent.  Looks like a snifter full of orange crush.  Thin white head that leaves faint lace on glass as it settles

Aroma:  Upfront I get mango and ripe pineapples, there are some notes of grapefruit and other tropical fruits. Very minimal malt aroma, but didn’t really expect it.  This is making my mouth water.

Taste: Bursting with juicy citrus fruits upfront, followed with some mild bittering of pine blending into a bread/biscuit character that seems happy playing second fiddle to the hope in this beer.   Cascade hops are, without question, the star of the show in this beer. Some bitterness lingers on the tongue, but fades quickly.

Mouthfeel: Juicy, somewhat sticky.  Ample carbonation noted on glass, but not tasted, very smooth.

Overall: A very juicy and smooth DIPA.  I was lucky enough to come by a bottle from my friend Ian at Lets Talk Wine.  Unfortunately in you didn’t get a bottle when it first came out, you are unlikely to find it anywhere.  There was a lot of hype behind this beer, and think it lived up to it.