Your Day Is About To Get Awesome (hijacked unmercilessly from my friends at Ritte Cycles)

CX season is just around the corner (for those of us who get excited at the very thought of morning dew glistening off of yellow caution tape, a couple of months easily qualifies as just around the corner). Anyway, being the good stewards that we are here at RVR, we’d like to offer a few team clinic sessions for those amongst us who will be experiencing CX for the first time (or for those who have jumped from a moving bike in the past, and need some time to shake off the rust). You soon will know/remember the joy of the I-64 corridor road trip, bike racks stuffed with thousands of dollars worth of gear, and poor breakfast choices enroute to far-away lands like Richmond, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, and DC to name a few.

To prepare you for the season, we’ll soon be sending out info and dates for these sessions which we’re going to hold at Bennetts Creek Park over here on mine and Jason’s side of the universe. The park is located on Shoulder’s Hill Rd., which is just off of Rt. 17 in North Suffolk (and like 5 minutes from 664 if you take the James River Bridge exit). There’s unlimited real estate to set up barriers to practice mounts/dismounts, a huge field where we’re going to set up cones for some “hot lap” fun, starts, etc. Just remember to bring your helmet because the disc golf goobers stand down for NO man. Anyway, expect to see some communication on that in the very near future.

In addition, kits HOPEFULLY will be here mid to late August, and when they arrive I’d like to get everyone together for a team picture. I would think that Fat Frogs Chesapeake would be the most logical location, as Walt and Ben are our lone “sponsors” and anything we can do to show them the love back makes perfect sense to me.

One more note: I have finally found a good source for Rogue Velo Racing die cut decals. I’m having my guy work up a few different sizes and I should be getting these in the very near future. There will be a size that will fit nicely on that new CX steed’s top tube, a good size for your car’s rear window, your neighbor’s mailbox, etc. The world is literally your coconut. Make sure you put a decal on something. I’ll let everyone know when these are available and how much they’ll be. Based on past experience with this guy, I’m guessing he’s going to take good care of me. More to follow.


That’s all for now – I’m going to ask that for any team communication, comings and goings, etc that you start going to the website as your first stop. It seems that every time someone starts an email chain about something that a few folks inadvertently get left off. I’ll be posting this there as well later today. In the meantime, visit, Rogue Velo Racing on Facebook (hit us with a Like), or hashtag #RVR on Twitter. That’s right – we’re freaking everywhere.



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